Comfortis 270mg for Cats & Dogs (6pk) (short dated 21/07)

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Comfortis tablets are given once a month to control fleas on dogs and cats. The drug is lethal to blood sucking insects but has little or no effect on dogs. (Occasionally dogs will vomit after taking a tablet.) It is best to give Comfortis with food. This reduces the chances of vomiting as well as enabling a more persistent flea-killing effect afterwards, so that one tablet will last for the whole month.

Suitable for cats & dogs for weights shown in table.

Dog bodyweight (lbs) No. of tablets & strength (mg spinosad)
10 -20 1 x 270mg tablet
Cat bodyweight (lbs) No. of tablets & strength (mg spinosad)
8 - 12 1 x 270 mg tablet


Safety Warning

All dogs and cats within the household should be treated.

Comfortis should be administered with food or immediately after feeding. The duration of efficacy may be reduced if the dose is administered on an empty stomach.


Comfortis 270 mg has 270 mg spinosad in each tablet.

Always read the label


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