Advantix Teal For Dogs 9-22lbs

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Advantix Spot On For Dogs 9-22lbs (4kg to 10kg).

Each pack contains 4x 1.0ml Pipettes of Advantix.

Eliminates ticks and fleas Repels and eliminates ticks; reducing the risk of transmission of CVBD (diseases such as borreliosis, rickettsiosos and ehrlichiosis). Repels mosquitoes and sandflies; reducing the risk of transmission of CVBD such as leishmaniosis. Repels stable flies; contributing to the prevention of fly-bite dermititis.

Other Information:

  • Remains effective if the dog becomes wet.
  • Provides a larvicidal effect against fleas in the immediate surroundings of the treated dogs.
  • Can be used on both pregnant and lactating bitches.

Please note the packaging may vary from the illustration.

Important Product information:
ADVANTIX® has been approved for sale in the UK by the VMD and by the FDA in the U.S.A. Both the UK and U.S.A. products are identical formulations containing the same active ingredients, the products sold by us are sold in UK packaging. We are a licensed wholesaler and retailer and all products listed are 100% sourced from the original manufacturer. Where products are licensed for exactly the same use in the destination country the animal owner is legally able to choose where to source the products from.

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