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Perfect Pet Allergy Wash 250ml

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Perfect Pet Allergy Wash is formulated specifically for people who are allergic to Pets. Including: Cats, Dogs, Horses, Small Furies & Birds
Perfect Pet Allergy Wash cleanses your pets Fur / Feathers of saliva and dander, the prime causes of allergic reactions.  To use (For Furred animals), first groom your with a fine to medium toothed metal comb, removing as much dead hair as possible.  Then, wet a wash cloth with Perfect Pet Allergy Wash and thoroughly run it over your pet. Perfect Pet Allergy Wash is absolutely non-toxic and safe to use on kittens.How long does the wash take to work?Perfect Pet Allergy Wash gives immediate relief to pet owners who suffer from contact dermatitis and eczema, for asthma sufferers, it can take up to 3 weeks to relieve the symptoms because it takes time to reduce the build up of airborne allergens in the home environment.If the pet is being treated for the benefit of a relative or friend that only visits periodically, Perfect Pet Allergy Wash should be used on your pet for at least 2 weeks and preferably 3 weeks before they come to stay.The nature of the allergyIt is estimated that 26% of the population in the UK are allergic to pets.People who are allergic to pets are only too familiar with the awful symptoms. Any animal with fur or feathers can cause the reaction but cats tend to evoke the most severe response followed by dogs. Contrary to popular expectations, it is not the hair / fur itself that causes the problem so the reactions are equally prevalent with breeds that do not shed their coats.The reaction is caused by peoples' sensitivity to the potent allergen Fel d1 that is prevalent in cats, Can f1 in the dog and the microscopic dander, saliva  and urine from both cats and dogs. Constant bathing of pets dries out the coat and is a source of stress to all concerned. The production of allergens also increases as the pet matures so kittens and puppies may be tolerated but mature cats and dogs may not.

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