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Marketing and Communications Policy

Our mission is to supply our customers with high quality products at the best price possible.  With this in mind, we take great care with our marketing activities and only send information that we feel  is relevant to our customers.

Under no circumstances do we share or sell your information to outside  organizations.

As you can see on our registration page, there are a few marketing options available. We have listed these options below and included further details.

Please keep me informed 

We will send you all the marketing information that we prepare, this will include product sales, launches and relevant information.

Only send information that is relevant to me

This marketing option will  include sale/offers information as well as product information  that is relevant to you, either based on your previous purchases or information that you provide during your registration process.

Monthly sales and offers

We will contact you a maximum of once a month. You will not receive any marketing information other than our sales and offers.  . This information may be sent to you  by electronic mail or  post.

We regularly update our marketing policies and we may from time to time send you an email to confirm these updates.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our marketing policy, or any other aspect of our products and services, we  want to hear from you.