What Does Animal Rights Awareness Mean?

There is a growing list of special days, week, and months to honor everything from the donut to Animal Rights Awareness. We happen to think the latter is important and think you’ll agree. 

But you might ask yourself, what is animal rights awareness? You may think of your pets and the way you spoil them, after all, they’re certainly well cared for. Well-loved pets aside, there are plenty of other animals who aren’t as fortunate. From pets to factory farming, animals of all types deserve recognition for their contributions to our lives. 

This year, Animal Rights Awareness Week is June 24-30.

4 Ways You Can be Kind to Animals 

Animal rights awareness starts with kindness. Many influential people in history from Mark Twain to Harriet Beecher Stow are known to have been animal lovers which we think speaks volumes as to their character. 

Here’s how you can help spread kindness for animals year-round. 

Adopt, Don’t Shop – The animal shelters are full of potential. There are thousands of dogs and cats who’d make excellent pets if only they were given a chance. If you’re considering adopting, think about your lifestyle and the energy level of your desired pet. Then, visit your local shelters and talk with the staff about potential matches.

Older animals can make excellent pets for busy households because they already have some training and don’t require hours of daily exercise. 

Also, if you have your heart set on a specific breed, there are breed-specific rescues. You can do a Google search for [breed rescue] to find out more.

Buy organic – You’re probably aware of factory farming practices such as overcrowding and growth hormones. Free-range animals enjoy fresher air and fewer (or no) medications. In today’s overly  stimulated world, it’s good to eat fresh and healthy food. 

Teach Your Children – Whether it’s being kind to your pets (no tail pulling and other such antics) or other people’s pets, teaching kindness and respect for others begins at home. 

Go Cruelty-Free – Fortunately, there are dozens of personal care brands committed to using organic and cruelty-free ingredients so there are more options than ever before. From lipstick to shampoo, there are excellent options.

Showing kindness to animals begins at home. As we treat animals with kindness and empathy, that spills over into the rest of our lives.

How will you take part in Animal Rights Awareness week this June?