June is Adopt-a-Cat Month

If Spring is “kitten” season, then come June, there are plenty of kitties in the shelters. Queue Adopt-a-Cat Month to help those cats find new homes. 

There are lots of great reasons for adopting a cat this June. Maybe you’d like to adopt a pair of siblings and watch them scamper down your hall. Kitten antics are always fun to watch.  Of course, the shelters have great older cats too who can make great snuggling companions. 

But what if you can’t adopt right now? There are still ways you can help. 

3 Ways You Can Help Pet Shelters Without Adopting

We can’t adopt ALL the pets of course. Where would we sleep? Yet, you can still help.

1- Share adoptable pets via social media. “Like” the local shelter accounts and reshare their pictures with your own friends and family. You never know when you might help connect someone with their beloved pet.

2- Host a donation party – Call up your shelter and ask what they need. Chances are, they can use things like old towels (to line cages), food, toys, and of course cash. Spread the word with your family, friends, and co-workers. Set a date for collecting the items and deliver them to the shelter. You can even make a little party out of it with human refreshments before or after. 

3-Let people know it’s Adopt-A-Cat Month – Talk with family and friends and share it on your social media profiles. A little “It’s Adopt-A-Cat Month! Please share” can go a long way. 

If you do adopt a cat or two this June, be sure to put together a welcome package so that you’re ready. You can gather your items ahead of time so that when you bring home your new bundle of fur, you can spend helping your new friend get settled. 

  • You’ll want to include a high-quality flea/tick collar on cats older than six months. 
  • Food/water bowls 
  • Treats 
  • A toy – most cats love those dangly feather toys or catnip stuffed mice
  • Litter box and litter – when you bring a new kitty home, take them to the litter box so they know where it is. It will help relieve any stress at being introduced to a new place. Because even though it’s a good thing to go home with you, that doesn’t mean it’s not stressful for the kitty at first. 
Now that you know it’s Adopt-A-Cat Month, will you?