December is National Cat Lovers’ Month!

In honor of National Cat Lovers’ Month, it’s the perfect time to celebrate both you and your furry feline(s) and why not? The holidays are here so it’s fun to shop for stocking stuffers. It’s also fun to think about just what it is that makes cats special. 

After all, cats are unique creatures. As you probably know, they were greatly revered in Ancient Egypt and the companions of royalty. However, cats are happy to spend time with anyone who pampers them. 

What Makes Cats Unique

In celebration of all things cat, here are three interesting cat facts.

  • Cats have a special language – Did you know that cats can make around 100 different sounds? You probably understand many of your cat’s different “meow” sounds. There’s the one that asks to be fed. There’s the one that asks to be petted. There are multiple ways to say “meow” as every cat demonstrates.

  • Cats are elegant – Cat lovers appreciate the way cats glide through rooms, leap gracefully to high shelves, and hold their tails high when they’re happy. You probably know that cats are famous for landing on their feet, but did you know they have 244 bones in their body which accounts for their flexibility? Cats are the ultimate acrobats. 

  • Cat tails help with balance – You probably already know your kitty’s tail is a communication device but did you know it helps with balance too? It’s true. The tail acts as a counterweight to stay balanced when walking along narrow windowsills. 

Cats are fascinating creatures. They’ll curl up in the back of shelves or behind the laundry basket for a long snooze and come prancing out for playtime at 2 a.m. Their night vision is superior to ours which has adapted them to finding prey late at night. It’s genetic so there’s no “retraining.” Cat lovers learn to live with the night-time play. 

Now that you know these fun facts, what are you putting in your kitty’s stocking this year? 

Special Gifts for Your Kitty This Holiday Season 

Obviously, your kitty has built in night goggles, but how are their pearly whites? Cats need dental care too. This toothpaste slides right into a kitty-sized stocking and with regular use will help your cat’s teeth stay plaque free.

Calm and soothe anxious kitties with this special pheromone spray. When cats are calm and feel secure, they rub their faces against things – you, the furniture, the cat bowl. This activity releases a special scent and this spray is designed to mimic it. 

Kitty Kong Wubba – It looks like an octopus with its multiple arms/legs and is perfect for playing with your cat. Drag it around on the floor. Dangle it in the air near your kitty to entice it to pounce and chase. Cats do appreciate it when you play with them!

What about you? What’s on your cat’s wish list?