9 Cat Facts You May Not Know About Your Kitty

Oh cats. Those four-legged creatures that encourage such high levels of devotion that you’ll get up in the middle of the night to feed them or open the window for them (or is that just me?)  

They’re certainly funny creatures and keep us entertained. Which is we have a happy and healthy cat month in the first place. Here are 9 fun facts you might not know about our feline companions. 

9 Fun Cat Facts 

Cats are odd. They’re finicky about their food but eat rodents. They change their sleeping habits regularly like they’re on the run from the police. But you may not have known these fun bits of trivia. 

  • Some are Elected Officials - Did you know an Alaskan town had a cat as a mayor? They did. Stubbs was an orange tabby who served as Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska for 20 years. Turns out, there are other towns with cats as mayors like Omena, Michigan. I’d vote for a cat!

  • Unique Noses – You know how a cat’s nose has that little ridge? Turns out, every cat’s is different. In fact, kitty noses are like human fingerprints in that each one is different.

  • They Really CAN’T See Under Their Noses – You know how when you put food right in front of your kitty and he looks down and back up at you with a look of “I thought you were feeding me!” It turns out, cats can’t see right under their noses so it’s not just your cat. However, their night vision is excellent!

  • They’re Jumpers – You’ve probably seen cats jump from high shelves or maybe even off the refrigerator, but did you know that cats can jump as much as six times their length?

  • They Have More Bones Than People  – Cats have 244 bones in their body with almost 20 bones in the tail. Next time your cat twitches its tail, watch the flexibility.

  • About That Tail – Not only does the tail have multiple bones but it also communicates volumes. When it’s straight in the air, your kitty is happy and confident. But annoyed cats will twitch the tail back and forth in warning.Tails also help your kitty maintain balance when walking on narrow surfaces like railings and window ledges.

  • They Sleep – A LOT. As in the average cat sleeps 16-18 hours a day. 

  • 9 Lives – Cats can live to into their 20’s though 15 years is about average for indoor kitties. 

  • Meow – Cats can make about 100 different sounds to express themselves. Dogs only have about 10. From the different sounds of “meow” to high-pitched screeching, cats can let their feelings be known. 

There you are, 9 fun cat facts. Which is your favorite?

Another kitty fact is health related. We know most cats don’t like car rides, yet, it’s still important to get them to the veterinarian for an annual check up and protect them from flea/ticks year-round. This will keep them at their healthiest. Here’s to the cat!