6 Ways to Honor Your Great Dog (After He’s Gone)

There are good dogs and then there are the truly great dogs. The ones you still talk about even though they’ve been gone 10 or even, 20 years. The ones you still miss the way they’d cock their head at you and give you that quizzical look. The ones who took a piece of your heart with them when they crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

This post is especially for those exceptional dogs. 

6 Ideas for Honoring Your Dog

  1. Hold a mini-service - My mom’s cocker spaniel passed a few months ago and she held a memorial service in the backyard. She invited the neighbor kids who knew Jack and they all said goodbye together. It’s a simple ritual but it does give some closure to your time together. 

  2. Set a garden stone – There are many decorative plaques and stones geared toward dog lovers. Why not choose one to go in your garden? You can find them online or at home and garden centers.

  3. Donate to a local shelter – Shelters are always in need of food, toys, blankets, why not make a donation in your dog’s name. If you can, most shelters welcome volunteer dog walkers too. It can be a sweet way to get a bit of a doggie fix while helping others. 

  4. Plant a tree or a bush – We all know dogs love “watering” certain plants. Trees can also live a long time. Why not plant something in memory of your dog? You can watch it grow and other pups will appreciate it too. 

  5. Keep something tangible – Your pet doesn’t need his id tag anymore. You can keep it with your jewelry or put it on your keychain. 

  6. Post a Memorial – There are websites now where you can create an online memorial to your dog. You could also make a board on Pinterest with your pictures. 

If you have other pets, don’t forget about them. They’ll mourn too after a loss. They’ll appreciate your attention more than ever. My mother’s other dog, a Bulldog, moped around after Jack died. My mom gave her extra attention in those first few weeks.  As they say, time heals all wounds. Well, it may not heal entirely, but at least it won’t be as fresh and painful. We never forget our great dogs. 

Here’s to the great dogs. The ones that have come before and the ones yet to come.