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Pet Safe Halloween

Read this month's blog on how to have a safe Halloween with your pets.

Pet Safe Halloween

6 Ways to keep your pet safe at Halloween.

Halloween can be fun time for people, but it can be downright scary for your pets. If you imagine a typical Halloween scenario – trick or treaters at your door – that can be frightening for your pets and dogs may feel territorial. Keep your pet’s personality in mind as well as your Halloween plans as you look over these tips as both play a big role in pet safety.

Here are 6 Tips for a Pet-Safe Halloween

• Keep the Candy Dish Out of Reach – Whether a curious dog gets into the candy bowl or a well-meaning guest offers “treats” to your dog, candy can be deadly. Chocolate is particularly toxic to dogs. Another dangerous ingredient found in some candies is xylitol. Both can cause poisoning in your pet. If you see your pet shows symptoms of poisoning such as seizures, vomiting and diarrhea, call the Poison Control Hotline immediately at 1-888-426-4435. The best precaution is to make sure your guests are aware of the dangers of candy to pets and keep your candy well out of reach of your four legged friends.

• Up-to-Date tags – Check your pet’s tags, are they up-to-date or do they represent the last house you lived in? Is the telephone correct? If your pet gets out, you want to make sure they can be returned easily. Current tags and microchipping are the easiest ways to ensure that happens.

• Have a Safe Place – If your dog is not Mr. Social, keep him confined in a room where he’ll be safe. The frequent activity – not to mention costumes – could be upsetting to a sensitive pet. In fact, it’s a good idea to confine any pets to a separate room. This way, you’ll be assured that they won’t dart out the door or bark excessively at trick-or-treaters.

• Do Keep Your Pets Inside – There have been horror stories of pranksters teasing or torturing animals at Halloween. If you keep your pets inside, you know where they are and have more control over their safety.

• Make Sure Costumes are Safe – If your pet is willing to wear a costume for you, make sure it fits well. You don’t want to put your pet into a costume that is restrictive in any way. Can your pet move comfortably? Can he or she communicate via barking or meowing? If your pet seems stressed when you put him in costume, don’t force it. A festive collar or bandanna may be more appropriate.

• Pay Attention to Decorations – Some dogs (and a few cats) will chew crepe paper and wires because they can. Anytime you decorate for holidays, keep an eye on your furry companions and notice if they seem especially interested in any of it. If so, you’ll want to either keep your pet away from the decorations or make sure they’re supervised.

These simple guidelines will ensure your pet’s safety so that everyone has fun at Halloween. After all, it’s no fun if someone gets sick or hurt.

How will you celebrate Halloween?

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