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No More Doggy Breath

No More Doggy Breath

No More Doggy Breath



Does your dog have bad breath? 

While regular dental care can help minimize smelly breath, by preventing periodontal disease and keeping teeth and gums healthy and strong, it doesn’t mean fresh breath all the time.

Here are a few simple tips and products to keep your dog’s breath smelling sweet!

If you do find your pet’s breath to be consistently stinky even with proper dental care it could signal a health problem, so you may want to check with your vet.

Foods to Freshen Breath

1)    Coconut Oil is a natural anti-fungal. One teaspoon, mixed with your dog’s food will help his digestion, immune system, good for his skin, bones and brain.

2)    Raw Carrots are another option that most dogs love.  Chewing on a carrot lets saliva wash away food particles and acts as a cleanser to remove plaque and help breath stay fresh, make sure to cut in small pieces to prevent choking.

3)    Brown rice added to food helps improve digestion. The added fiber and antioxidants are great for overall health, and a big help with bad breath burps. Digestion is key to whether their breath is sweet or knocks you over.

4)    Parsley is a natural breath freshener, add a few sprigs to their food.

5)    Yogurt is high in calcium that is great for oral health. It also reduces hydrogen sulfide which causes bad breath. Use plain yogurt without added sugar and sweeteners.

Some natural breath freshening products are Plaque-Off and Seadent which can be added to food, and are made from seaweed and kelp.

Try some of these tips so the next time you get a big lick on the face, you won't be saying "YUCK!"

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