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5 Reasons Why Your Cat Needs to Visit the Veterinarian

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5 Reasons Why Your Cat Needs to Visit the Veterinarian


Did you know that cats age faster than humans? They do. In fact, it’s believed a two-year old cat is roughly 25 years old in human years! After that, kitties’ age about 4 years every 12 months. Which means, your 10-year-old cat is about 57 in human years.

Yet, veterinarians say that less than 50% of cats have regular health checkups. While it’s understandable on some level – some cats turn into masters of hiding when they see the pet carrier – it’s also dangerous for your kitties’ health.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Your Cat Needs Regular Health Care

See, regular health checkups can keep your kitty healthy longer by evaluating your cat’s teeth, weight, and behavior, among other factors. Veterinarians recommend annual visits for younger cats and twice a year visits for seniors. Because a thorough evaluation can detect hidden illnesses and potential health issues that when caught early can be far less painful for your cat.

  • Oral Health – Tarter, plaque, periodontal disease, abscesses – the mouth tells a health story that your veterinarian can read. Left untreated, mouth issues can lead to painful gum disease and toothaches. No one wants to experience mouth pain.
  • Weight evaluation – Being overweight can lead to diabetes, and heart and joint problems and many cats are overweight. Your veterinarian will weigh your cat, track its weight, and provide nutrition advice to help you keep your kitty at a healthy weight.
  • Parasites – Now you may think you’d know if your cat had parasites – or, maybe you think that because your cat is strictly indoors, he couldn’t have parasites. That’s not quite true. Even indoor cats are at risk of things like ticks and worms. In some cases, parasites come in on your  clothes or shoes and then latch onto your cat making him very sick.

    Some parasites can be transmitted to people too. Regular checkups will help keep your kitty parasite free.
  • Behavioral Issues – Cats are excellent at hiding illnesses yet some signs are evidence there’s a problem. For example, neglecting the litter box can be a sign of a kidney issue. Frequent hiding can mean your cat isn’t feeling well. Your veterinarian will evaluate your cat’s physical appearance and ask you about behavior changes.

When potential health problems are detected early, it can mean your cat suffers less. Some diseases can be easily managed or even prevented when they’re caught early. For example, if your cat appears at risk for diabetes – or is showing early signs of diabetes – your veterinarian is likely to notice it and make recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes that will result in a longer and healthier life for your cat.

These days, many towns have cat-only practices and some veterinarians will even make house calls to make it easier on you. It’s up to you to help your kitty get the healthcare he deserves. Will you make an appointment today?

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