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Cat Behaviours

11 Silly Cat Behaviours

Cat Behaviours


Celebrating the Silly Things Cats Do

In honor of our furry felines, we thought we’d celebrate the silly things cats do. They may have majestic attitudes and expectations of glory (rightly so, we might add), yet, our cats are the living embodiment of zaniness. Good thing they make us laugh!

Here’s a list of 11 Silly Cat Behaviors:

From chasing laser pointers to sitting on your keyboard while you’re trying to work, some of them are endearing while others are just, well, silly.

1—Curling up in the smallest space possible – You know that if you leave an empty box unattended, there is a high likelihood that you will find a cat in it within a few hours. This is especially true if the box is approximately half the size of the cat – maybe even less. It must be a cat “rule.”

2—Drinking water from every source but his bowl
– Some cats prefer the fresh flowing water of the tap. Maybe they secretly harbor fantasies of drinking from a waterfall. Then there’s your glass of freshly poured water. It just tastes better. Cat behavior specialists say they do this because they like fresh water and sometimes their bowl isn’t so fresh…but how does that explain the desire for the mud puddle or chlorinated pool water? Some things just don’t make sense.

3 –Knocking things on the floor because they can – You know that saying that if the earth were flat the cats would have knocked everything off? It’s true. Cats love pushing things off tables and counters, personally, I don’t get it. Is it the “splat!” or crash on the floor?

4—Sitting on your keyboard – Who hasn’t had a cat sit on their computer keyboard? They can get quite comfy there too and will ignore you.

5—Snuggling up next to you and then swatting you when you try to pet them –  Just because your cat snuggles up next to you, it doesn’t mean they want to be petted! A swat, a bite, it’s all a warning to leave them alone.

6—The delightful “gifts” – Every cat lover has encountered the dead rodent seemingly left as a “gift.” It’s too bad you can’t return it for something on your Amazon wish list.

7 – Can’t find the food you dropped in front of her – But can spot a bird across the yard. How DO they manage to catch mice, birds, and insects? Apparently, their eyesight is better at a distance.

8 – Eating everything in the center of the bowl – And then demanding more food because…can’t you see, it’s EMPTY?

9 –Digging up your plants – Ridding the world of troublesome houseplants, one plant at a time.

10 – Chasing strings/feathers on a string and laser pointers – It’s all good fun for your kitties. It’s also  good exercise so worth encouraging your kitty to indulge.

11 – Leaping in the air at the site of cucumbers or a coat hanger – Does your cat do this? Ours doesn’t care about a cucumber but is terrified by the sight of a coat hanger on the bed. (You must watch out for those scary coat hangers!)

There you are, 11 funny thing most cats do, and I think you’ll agree, some of them are funny!

What silly things does your cat do?

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